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Monday, July 4, 2011

The News Press and I part ways

Sadly, after over two years, I have decided not to write my column for the News Press any longer.  After repeated requests that the editors stop changing the titles of my articles and other content without my approval were ignored, I finally decided that, with regret, I would stop writing for the paper.   I have left the door open with Don Katich, stating that I would be willing to resume my column, if he agreed to at least inform me of any changes before printing my articles.  To-date, he has refused this request, so it appears that my relationship with the News Press is at an end.

I welcome the break, and will have more time to devote to my blog as a result.  I will certainly also pursue other writing opportunities with other local publications, website, blogs, etc., and will post any developments in this regard.

My thanks to everyone who has been a reader of my column over the years.  I appreciate your interest and I look forward to providing the same quality content both here on my blog and elsewhere int eh future!

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